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Welcome to the wonderful world of "Joy" by Design

Ethically Sourced Jewellery Joy by Design

Hi this is our first blog post to welcome you to our world. Our aim is to bring sparkle and shine to your life through beautiful, unique and handmade pieces of jewellery. Our aim isn't just to bring sparkle and shine though, our aim is to do that without exploitation. 

We try and ensure (to the best of our ability) that all our pieces come from ethically sourced suppliers and that they do not come from child labour or factories that exploit their workforce and pay a reasonable local wage. 

Many of our pieces we make ourselves in our Sheffield studio (so the only people being exploited there is us!). We love making things and we also love trying out new techniques, so keep and eye on the site, the Twitter feed @Joy_by_Design and also our Facebook page 

We hope you love what we make and continue to be happy shopping with us. 


Love and hugs 

JbD xx

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