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Christmas worries sorted with small businesses

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So a lot of the shop shelves are empty and apparently it will get worse before Christmas. Supply chain issues, driver shortages, extra checks at customs all adding to the issue. 

However, there is a simply way to solve that problem, shop with small businesses - online or locally. For those of us who make our own stuff, we can produce to order most of the time. If it's on our online store, it is in and there, on looking at an empty shelf. If it's there and you order it we can get it out to you the same day.

We use reliable courier or Royal Mail services, or it its local we will often deliver it ourselves to make sure you get it. We don't have to worry about getting drivers and getting stuff off the container ships, if it's ordered it will be on it's way to you.

So if you want to make sure you get presents for Christmas, birthday's or any other special occasion, use independent stores and small businesses. We aren't faceless corporations, we care, you are our customers and you make a difference to us, you aren't number 500,000 on some corporations list, you are at the top of ours. 

Shopping independent also means you get quality, handcrafted and handpicked goods. So take the stress out of Christmas and shop with those whose custom you make a difference too. 

Happy shopping. 

Joy by Design 

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